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Abt Associates is the leading provider of economic and regulatory analysis to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). In that role, we have supported EPA’s development and evaluation of environmental regulations controlling air pollution. To analyze environmental benefits, we apply our cutting-edge tools and methods and integrated environmental models that we’ve developed. In addition to EPA, we are also working with the U.S. Agency for International Development and several multilateral banks to evaluate the costs and benefits of low emissions development strategies.

Over our 30 years of service to EPA and other government and environmentally concerned agencies, we have contributed to improvements in water quality, cleaner air, safer drinking water, less hazardous chemical products, safer pesticide usage, and less risky dams and levees. We are also in the forefront of addressing climate change—analyzing its impacts and the strategies to mitigate and adapt to it.


Abt Associates can provide custom analyses of any size and scope that include:

  • Cost and benefit assessment of climate change and air quality policies;
  • Custom estimates of emissions;
  • Multiple health endpoints (mortality/morbidity of various types);
  • More refined air quality modeling;
  • Incorporation of time as a dimension (e.g., emissions occur in the future and are distributed over time);
  • Additional geographic areas.